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Christ at the UN

Teachings for a new life

Two thousand years ago, the Christ, who represents thè Ultimate Consciousness of Man, spoke through a medium – thè man Jesus.

In this hook the author has created a scenario in which the Christ, through a new medium, applies his teachings of Brotherhood and Love to today’s world – Principles which have been explained and expanded through Great Mediums of this modern age.

Here thè Christ addresses members of thè UN at its Headquarters in New York, thè Buddhist monks in thè Potala and thè Pope in thè Vatican, to guide thè way towards understanding and perfection.

Vitaliano Bilotta has been a teacher, journalist, and union representative within Education. From his youth his keen interest in the hypothesis of reincarnation led him to associate with great mediums who handed down important teachings that comprehend Reality in all its aspects.

He has published more than twenty books, many in e-book format, with various publishing houses., including The City Mystic and Thoughts of the GreatswWh SNPP.

Saturday night press publications – 2016

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