Thoughts of the Greats

Commented on in the light of the teching of the Masters

Vitaliano Bilotta has studied thè philosophy of reincarnation for over forty years. He became interested in the idea of reincarnation through his contact with great mediums who handed down impressive teaching embracing reality in all its aspects.

These teachings he makes known to others by applying it to everyday life.

In these pages the author has woven together scenes from the lives of two sales representatives who, as they travel together, pass the hours sharing their passion for knowledge.

In open, good-humoured dialogue together, they trace the paths of bnowledge. Roberta has studied the thought of incarnate Greats of all time – Julius the thought of the Guides who manifest themselves through great mediums.

The thought of the great masters, from Buddha to Confucius to Jesus, is applied here in a dear, simple way to the large and small matters of life, giving rise to a philosophy which is an aid to life in thèemodern age, as the mind expands and discovers new horizons.

The true aim of this booh is transmit the teachings which come via the Guides to those who need it, for we believe that the teachings are not given to us to keep hidden. They are for guidance and support.

Saturday Night Press Publications – 2015

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